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"​Throughout history, humankind has sought to better understand the 'powers that be'... and to live in harmony with these powers."

Ron Palumbo

Everything in our physical universe is governed by the Law of Attraction!  From the movement of galaxies... to the movement of atoms... and everything in between - it is all governed by The Law of Attraction.

We humans shape and​ direct energy continuously. But most of us mainly MISdirect energy, the cause of most of our life challenges.  

As we remove BAD PROGRAMS ("the garbage") from our subconscious mind, our energy becomes more focused and we become more empowered in all life areas.  Work becomes easier, our relationships are enhanced, life flows more harmoniously.   

Our life can greatly improve as we learn to use our energy WISELY.

Our materials include the tools to "Do the Work" that allows us to greatly improve our life!