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​​Many previous attendees shared breakthroughs they experienced after attending our “Using the Law of Attraction WISELY” workshop… AND upon CONTINUING to “Do the Work” that we BEGIN in our workshop.  “The Work” takes 10 minutes a day.

It’s really simple!  Our guarantee for over 25 years states it clearly: “Do The Work… & your life improves!  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!”

Hundreds of testimonials from people throughout the U.S. & Canada verified the power of “Doing the work.”  Most reported an increase of income (empowered people work more effectively, thus, performance improves).  Many physical healings were reported… healed relationships… better jobs… increased sales… more harmony & order in life areas, etc.

Here are a few responses from workshop attendees who did “Do the Work!”
(Hundreds of previous workshop attendees have sent their success stories to me).

 “…. the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life!” - Dr. Cliff H., FL
Cliff stated that he went “from the pits of hell to something out of “Fantasy Island.”

“Had I not taken your workshop I would have called this was a ‘miracle!’... but because I took your workshop, I kind of thought something like this might happen.” – Rose L., CA 

“I’m a workshop leader myself & didn’t expect to get much out of this workshop.  I was surprised at how much I learned today.  You’ve presented the most informative Law of Attraction workshop I’ve ever attended.” – Mike B., CA

 “(Previously) my sales had been mediocre, in the mid-70’s.  After attending your workshop and applying your techniques, my sales skyrocketed to 98% and have been in the 90’s ever since!” – Marie M, TX
* A few years later, Marie attended an Annual Healing Symposium in Kansas City where I was a featured speaker.  She told me that after attending my workshop in Dallas in 1989, she went on to become “The Top Sales Person” in her International Company… and WAS AWARDED A NEW CAR!!!

“I got a new job, with a 50% pay increase, in a much better work situation!  I now write grants, and have been given my own office… or I can work from my home, which ever I prefer, as long as the grants get written.  ‘This stuff really works!’ ” – Jan G., FL