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Professional Services

In addition to the Using the Law of Attraction Wisely workshop, we offer the following services:

Interactive Workshops: insightful, empowering workshops on several topics including: The Law of Attraction, healing, enhancing relationships, success; Bible Metaphysics, etc.

Intensives: usually a multi-day event where one is immersed in the utilization and practice of Spiritual Principle covering various life areas, such as physical healing; effectively slowing the aging process; focused energy work; deep healing meditations; abundance; enhancing relationships

Group Healing Sessions: a deep-healing meditation plus individual energy work for each person in the group

Group Meditation: a time of deep realization and total peace. This allows our body temple the “down time” needed to renew, rejuvenate, and regenerate the body’s cells.

The following services can be performed over the phone so location is not an issue:

Couples Counseling: helps bring clarity to your primary relationship, offering tools to greatly enhance and strengthen all your relationships, especially your primary relationship. It also helps in bringing more love and more nurturing into your primary relationship.

Transitioning a Relationship: a process that helps couples change their relationship form “Romantic” to a “Friendship” relationship

Counseling Sessions: for individuals, couples, and/or families seeking clarity on various life areas including: family dynamics; releasing Old Hurts; guidance and/or direction in a particular life area; family co-operation ; and more

Life Coaching: for support, guidance, and direction in moving through barriers and challenges and to experience higher levels of self-worth, self-love, and self-mastery, all of which results in being MORE EMPOWERED, improved work performance, and living life more abundantly.

Private Healing Session: includes a time of Deep Relazation Meditation followed by energy work, both of which help the renewing and healing process allowing cells and organs to revitalize.

To access these services, please use the contact page or call 517-414-8330.

Ron Palumbo’s Bio

While in his teens, Ron discovered several amazing things about our personal energy, discovering that we have complete control over our energy. After graduating from college several years later, Ron experienced a profound, life-changing experience that clearly showed him the tremendous power of EFFECTIVE Release and EFFECTIVE Forgiveness techniques.

Sharing these effective techniques with one friend after another, and each person having a great improvement in life, was the beginning stage for Ron’s workshop, “Using the Law of Attraction WISELY.”

Ron has been interested in spirituality his entire life.  He has a B.A. in Psychology and has taken several post graduate courses in spiritual psychology.  He also graduated from Unity School of Christianity’s Ministerial Education Program and has been an ordained minister since 1993.

Ron developed the very empowering, “Using the Law of Attraction Wisely” workshop, and has presented it for over 25 years to groups of all sizes: from small groups of family and friends in private homes… to audiences at Annual Healing Symposia (with over 900 people) … and to every sized group in between.

Ron has lead dynamic healing and empowerment workshops and retreats for New Thought churches and conferences since 1982.  Programs initiated by Ron while serving in ministries include: established Noon Prayer Service; began a monthly healing service; created a Prayer Response Team; organized & promoted annual retreats; initiated & coordinated Annual Healing Symposia; began Prayer & Master Mind Services; created a dynamic Musical Ministry Team; facilitated a World Healing Service every December 31, introduced a community-wide “Circulation Day” at several ministries; hosted and/or was a Keynote Speaker at several ‘community-wide’ Interfaith Services, etc.

Several workshop attendees have asked Ron, “Where can I buy your book?”  So Ron wrote “Using the Law of Attraction WISELY”… which is available at Balboa Press, Amazon, and other book distributers.

Currently Ron travels throughout the U.S. and Canada accommodating groups wanting to experience the very empowering “Using the Law of Attraction WISELY” workshop. He also facilitates meditation groups, Healing Circles, other workshops, counseling, and coaching services (see the Professional Services page).

To bring this ‘Most Powerful Workshop’ to your area… or for more information about “Using the Law of Attraction WISELY” and other workshops available:

please call Ron at 517-414-8330… or email Ron at: